The program is packed with prayer, keynote speakers, and breakouts. It has been put together to assist you in your ministry as we seek to weave together the strands of liturgy and life.

Keynote 1: (Thursday evening) John O'Connor - Weaving Together Liturgy and Life

Keynote 2: (Friday morning) Trevor Murray - Liturgy Aotearoa

Keynote 3: (Friday afternoon) Rocio Figueroa - God is a Loving Relationship

Keynote 4: (Saturday morning) Joe GraylandConscious of What?

Keynote 5. (Saturday afternoon) Judith Courtney - Singing is for one who loves!



Thursday - Drinks and nibbles provided

Friday & Saturday - Morning Tea, Lunch, Afternoon Tea provided.

NB :  People are invited to make their own arrangements for dinner on Friday night. For a selection of local restaurants - Please click here