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Rev John O'Connor


'Weaving Together Liturgy and Life'

Director, National Liturgy Office

Creator & Author of Food for Faith

Fr. John is a priest of the Catholic diocese of Christchurch, ordained in 1985. Since then he has served in parishes and as a spiritual director, and leader of retreats and spiritual formation seminars and workshops around the globe. His post-graduate study is in the fields of spirituality and liturgy.

John is the creator and author of the mission.

He comments: “I believe that if we get the liturgy right, all other aspects of the life of the church will fall into place.”

Trevor Murray

'Liturgy Aotearoa'


Dr Rocio Figueroa


'God is a loving Relationship'

Lecturer in Theology - Good Shepherd College

Dr Rocio Figueroa Alvear is a Peruvian Theologian, Lecturer in Systematic Theology at Good Shepherd College in Auckland and an External Researcher at the Centre for Theology and Public Issues at Otago University, New Zealand. She has a bachelor’s degree and license in theology from the Pontifical Faculty of Theology in Lima and her doctorate in theology from the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome. She has previously lectured and worked in Peru, Italy, and Mexico. She worked in the Holy See as head of the Women’s section in the Pontifical Council for the Laity.  Figueroa’s present research focus is theological and pastoral responses for survivors of Church sexual abuse.

Some of her publications include:

Figueroa Alvear, R., & Tombs. D. ‘Recognizing Jesus as a victim of sexual abuse. Responses from Sodalicio survivors in Peru’(‘When Did We See You Naked?’ No. 3). (D. Tombs, Ed.). Centre for Theology and Public Issues, University of Otago. Retrieved from

Figueroa Alvear, R., & Tombs. D. ‘Listening to male survivors of church sexual abuse: Voices from Sodalicio abuses in Peru. (Canonist, 8[1], [2017]);

Figueroa Alvear, R., & Tombs. D ‘Lived Religion and the Traumatic Impact of Sexual Abuse: The Sodalicio case in Peru’ in: Trauma and Lived Religion. Transcending the Ordinary, ed. R. Ruard Ganzevoort-Srdjan Sremac, Amsterdam: Palgrave 2018).

Figueroa Alvear, R., Covenant of Love – Sources (México City 2015). 

Figueroa Alvear, R., Man and woman, equal or different? (Puebla 2013).

Figueroa Alvear, R.,  Towards my own true self (Mexico City, 2011).

Joe Grayland

'Conscious of What'


Judih Courtney

20200703_123940 (2)

'Singing is for one who loves'