Welcome to Worshipping Under Southern Skies 2020 – Digital Conference

The digital conference will be available on this webpage on Friday October 2nd.
There will be a number of videos available for you to watch from 10am on that day.

It would be a great thing if you got together with a few other interested people to watch the videos and spend some time in discussion after each one.

This will involve you being prepared with cups of tea, glasses of water charged with a little lime juice and scones with cream and jam! Or you might have a completely different vision of morning tea or lunch. We hope watching the videos is informative, enjoyable and offers opportunity for a little community building.

Important points to note are

  • Watch the videos in the company of others (if you can). Links to the videos will be available on this page.
  • Arrange comfortable seating.
  • A large screen (TV screen) with good sound is a good idea.
  • Spend time in discussion after each video. Questions will be available at discussion starters.
  • Don’t feel you have to get through all videos in one or two days. They will remain available for a longer time. You might want to spread them out and savour rather than watching in a short space of time.
  • Enjoy your time together. Share refreshments if possible.

Something interesting: The original worshipping Under Southern Skies Liturgy Conference was held in 2003


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